Meru goes pre-802.11n for the enterprise

Meru Networks announced the introduction of what it calls the first enterprise-class wireless LAN products supporting the IEEE 802.11n draft standard. While a host of companies have jumped on the pre-802.11n bandwagon on the consumer side, few enterprise suppliers have.

Steve Troyer, vice president of product marketing with Meru, told FierceWiFi that its move is driven by feedback from its enterprise customers. As long as the Wi-Fi Alliance is willing to certify pre-802.11n equipment, Meru feels comfortable entering this market. "Not everyone will do it, but there are some customers with budget cycles that if they are going to buy something today, they might as well get the most for the money," Troyer said.

Meru says that this summer it will ship a two-radio access point, a five-blade controller and new software that handles wireless data traffic at the edge of the network instead of routing all of it through a central wireless controller.

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