Mobile WiMAX now in 12 Clearwire markets (albeit several small ones)

Sidecut Reports points out that Clearwire has launched its new mobile WiMAX service in cities where it previously offered pre-WiMAX service. The markets are small ones that include:

  • Abilene, Texas;
  • Amarillo, Texas;
  • Bellingham, Wash.;
  • Boise, Idaho;
  • Corpus Christi, Texas;
  • Killeen, Texas;
  • Lubbock, Texas;
  • Midland/Odessa, Texas; and
  • Waco, Texas

That brings the total new "Clear" markets to 12, which includes the metro markets of Atlanta, Las Vegas and Sprint's Xohm market Baltimore. Sidecut Reports' explanation certainly makes sense. Clearwire could easily throw up a few towers and declare a small market open for business and count these markets toward its ambitious plan to roll out 80 markets by 2010.

Clearwire this morning issued a release saying the official launch of these markets will happen Sept. 1.

For more:
- see this release from Clearwire
- see Sidecut Reports
- check out Clearwire's coverage map

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