Motorola demos LTE network at CTIA

Motorola hosted a drive test of Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology last week during the CTIA Wireless 2009 conference in Las Vegas. The vendor set up two ad hoc LTE networks using its new eNode B base station and antennas from Andrew. Its goal was to give customers and apps developers an idea of how LTE would perform in the real world. Motorola demonstrated two versions of an HD video stream--one that was an unbuffered live HD video stream that traveled through a 2.6 GHz LTE network at Motorola's booth on the show floor and out over a 700 MHz LTE cell site mounted on the convention center's roof. The other  was a buffered HD video streamed from a commercial web site. The unbuffered steam was choppy at many points but the buffered video stream flowed smoothly. Article