Motorola introduces pre-802.11n WiFi equipment

Motorola became the latest vendor to introduce pre-802.11n WiFi equipment. The company released the Motorola RFS6000 multi-core processor-based wireless LAN switch targeted at mid-sized enterprises. Motorola say the switch supports an "all-wireless enterprise vision, enabling businesses to build an enterprise WLAN that serves the entire organization from workers in corporate headquarters to manufacturing and distribution plants to remote branch offices."

Motorola also released a tri-radio 802.11n access point, the AP-7131. The tri-radio design integrates three 802.11n radios that simultaneously support high-speed client access, mesh backhaul,and dedicated dual-band intrusion protection. The third radio can be field-upgraded to enable next-generation 3G/4G technologies, such as WiMAX for wide area network connectivity.

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