NAB takes white-space concerns to Congress

The National Association of Broadcasters fired another salvo against the idea of broadband services operating in the unlicensed white space spectrum, vacant airwaves next to TV spectrum. NAB warned Congress that allowing services in this spectrum could jeopardize the transition to digital TV, which is scheduled for completion by Feb. 19, 2009.

"For more than a year, these companies have tried to convince the Federal Communications Commission and members of Congress that they can make devices that will not cause interference to broadcasters, wireless microphone users and other parties that currently use this spectrum," said NAB President David Rehr in a letter to Congress. "Unfortunately, based upon the results of FCC testing to date, their technical prowess does not match their rhetoric."

Indeed, the FCC's testing of white space devices hasn't been without glitches. The FCC is still in the testing phase of these devices, however, and is keen on seeing the spectrum serve as a catalyst for broadband competition in the U.S.

NAB and a long list of other organizations, such as hospitals, entertainers and professional sports leagues, remain concerned about the use of white space spectrum. Google, Microsoft, Motorola and others are pushing the FCC to allow WiFi-like services in the spectrum.

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