Navini shows pre-mobile WiMAX in 2.3 GHz

Navini Networks' debut of the pre-mobile WiMAX Ripwave MX platform in the 2.3 GHz band positions the company as the only vendor to offer commercial deployment of the frequency in the U.S. The frequency is heavily regulated by the FCC due to the proximity of neighboring satellite radio repeaters, including XM satellite radio. These repeaters may also limit the effectiveness of WiMAX due to the shared "S" band. The company is also the only vendor with access to C and D WCS blocks.

For more on Navini 2.3 GHz plans
- see this press release
- and this Daily Wireless report

MORE: Saying that that current macro-cell architectures are insufficient for meeting the demand of emerging wireless broadband systems, OFDMA-gear vendor Adaptix said it was releasing a suite of third-generation WiMAX equipment based on more numerous and more dense micro-cell layouts. Unstrung report

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