New MVNO plans unlimited voice and data offering

New MVNO Zer01 Mobile plans to launch on April 1 what it calls a truly unlimited voice and data offering on smart phones for $70 per month without a contract.

The company says it is using a type of roaming agreement to tunnel from AT&T Mobility's network into its own IP backbone thus realizing savings by eliminating the costs associated with circuit-switched voice calling. The company has a proprietary VoIP application that runs on Windows Mobile 6 phones but will work on Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Java and jailbroken iPhone phones in the future. The application integrates into a device's dialer app to allow the end user to dial from the phone's keypad without launching a separate application.

Interestingly, Zer01 Mobile says it is able to deliver VoIP over slower EDGE and GPRS networks from AT&T and T-Mobile using certain algorithms that address latency issues. Another interesting part of the MVNO is the fact that the company isn't buying wholesale minutes from AT&T or T-Mobile. It is interconnecting with the networks using roaming agreements. Each device receives a fixed IP address and opens a VPN tunnel to the company's servers.

The interconnect agreements also allow the company to circumvent the operators' 5 GB per month data caps to offer data plans without any limits.

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