Nikon, Panasonic announce WiFi-enabled cameras

Nikon and Panasonic announced plans to release new WiFi-enabled cameras this spring. The Nikon CoolPIX S52c will be an upgrade of the S51c that will allow users to email images using a WiFi connection. The camera also supports my Picturetown, Nikon's online photo sharing and storage service. With that service, users can email pictures directly to friends and family, publish pictures to Flickr or link their photos to blogs and social networking sites.

Panasonic is offering the Lumix DMC-TZ50 next month. The camera will include WiFi connectivity to any home or commercial network, including access to T-Mobile's HotSpot service. Users can get a year of free T-Mobile WiFi service (for the camera only) with the purchase of the camera. Using a WiFi connection, users can upload their images directly to Google's Picasa.

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