Nissan working with AT&T on connected car

Nissan is working with AT&T (NYSE:T) to provide M2M-like connectivity for digital services for the company's all-electric LEAF automobile.

The LEAF is characterized as an IT and mobile connected car, encompassing an onboard transmitting unit connected through AT&T networks to the global data center. IT services would include determining how far a car can drive with a battery charge as well as finding the closest electric charger on a map. In addition, the car has a dedicated iPhone app, which will enable LEAF owners to remotely monitor the charge of the battery or pre-heat and pre-cool the car.

Nissan intends to include the Internet, smart phone connectivity and navigation into the base price of the car. Nissan expects the first generation of buyers to be Internet savvy early adopters. The LEAF goes on sale in December.

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