Nokia building contextual 'zone applications' for venues

Nokia says it offers a way for operators and venue owners to generate new revenue by sending contextual content, advertisements, vouchers and personalized discount coupons to smartphone users in specific venues. The solution involves the deployment of high performance voice and data connectivity using small cells, LTE in licensed and unlicensed bands, the latest generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi and core network APIs.

It also implements Mobile Edge Computing to run latency-sensitive, compute-heavy, bandwidth-hungry applications right inside the venue, with a consumer app to allow visitors to access the services. It's all part of what Nokia calls its introduction of "zone applications," a solution that comprises everything needed to build a complete venue connectivity solution. Nokia suggests various use cases, including the ability to start attending a conference keynote on a tablet while still on your way to the keynote. For more, check out this Nokia blog.

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