Nortel, Qualcomm test new FMC solution

Nortel and Qualcomm announced they have tested a solution that that offers the ability to move between WiFi and cellular networks. The two say the solution will help accelerate fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) because it relies on Nortel's IMS-based Voice Call Continuity (VCC) network solution. VCC-ready phones can be available upon purchase without any additional software downloads or service-provider provisioning.

Testing was conducted using Qualcomm's IMS/VCC device client solution on a Mobile Station Modem (MSM) chipset powering a test handset together with Nortel's IMS VCC network solution in Nortel's Ottawa research and development labs. The Nortel VCC network solution is expected to be commercially available from Nortel in the first quarter of 2008. VCC-ready devices are expected to be available from Qualcomm in the market mid 2008.

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