Nortel to bundle WiMAX devices, makes deal in Okla.

Nortel said it plans to enter the device market for WiMAX by adding direct sales of WiMAX-enabled devices to its end-to-end WiMAX offering. The vendor, which has been pushing aggressively in the WiMAX space, plans to offer customers early-market Wave 2-compliant devices such as PC express cards, USB dongles for laptops as well as indoor routers and outdoor gateways for WiMAX to the home or enterprise.

In related news, Nortel said it is working with Pine Cellular, Pine Telephone and Choctaw Electric Cooperative in Oklahoma to bring WiMAX to rural communities in the southeastern part of the state. Pine and Choctaw Electric Cooperative currently share the same customer base area, which allows them to share parts of their infrastructure for the WiMAX deployment. The initial deployment of 802.16e mobile WiMAX equipment into Pine Cellular and Choctaw's network will operate on 2.5GHz spectrum licensed to Pine.

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