Novatel takes a hit on write-down of Enfora M2M acquisition

Novatel Wireless is having great success with its MiFi hotspot device, but the rest of the company's business is not so hot. Since Novatel introduced the MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot in 2009, MiFi-branded products have been commercially launched with 25 operators worldwide. Nonetheless, the company recently reported a first-quarter 2012 GAAP net loss of $37.9 million, which included the impact of a non-cash goodwill and intangible-asset valuation impairment charge of $29.3 million related to Novatel's acquisition of M2M module maker Enfora. On a non-GAAP basis, the quarterly net loss was $4.4 million. Novatel's Enfora investment may not be paying off as expected because Enfora has reportedly focused too much on 2G and not kept up with products for the growth sectors of 3G and beyond. Novatel's MiFi device portfolio, on the other hand, is moving aggressively into LTE. Verizon Wireless recently introduced Novatel's MIFi 4620L, an upgrade over the previously introduced 4510L model, which was also LTE-capable. Read more about Novatel in this article.

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