NuVisions expands Manhattan WiFi

Telkonet's subsidiary MST/NuVisions already operates the largest WiFi network in New York City, and last week said it was expanding its coverage. The company offered a demonstration of its network's capabilites during the November 5th New York City Marathon. Frank Matarazzo, president of MST/NuVisions said: "The growth and demand we've seen in the last few months is a testament to our WiFi network's potential and our proven track record in delivering a robust WiFi service that is capable of supporting the full range of user experiences and meeting a diverse range of private and public requirements."

The NuVisions WiFi network delivers high-speed Internet, remote access to enterprise systems, entertainment devices, WiFi-enabled smart phones and VoIP applications. The network uses MIMO technology, and as Glenn Fleishman notes, "A WiFi network equipped with MIMO can send data at higher speeds over greater distances"; he added that the signal could travel "two to 10 times farther than traditional WiFi." NuVisions charges users who are not in-building subscribers $10 for 10 hours and $30 per month for access.

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