O2 Europe: Smartphones causing significant "growing pains;" Ma Bell, Google Voice saga continues

> To meet the increasing demand for mobile data, backhaul capacity is expected to grow significantly over the next several years, according to a new report from Visant Strategies. The report said the number of base stations with more than 24 Mbps of backhaul capacity will grow more than 20 times from 2009 to 2015. Article

> The CEO of O2 Europe, Matthew Key, has admitted smartphones are causing significant "growing pains" for the company's networks. While he maintained the network issues were today confined to high-density population areas, the situation could become more widespread with data traffic doubling every three months. Article

> AT&T likely will post stable results for the third quarter on Oct. 22, with wireless growth outweighing losses the company is expected to suffer in its traditional landline business. Article

> In the latest installment of AT&T's ongoing battle with Google, Ma Bell is now accusing the Internet search engine operator of blocking calls to of all places Benedictine nuns, a campaign office and more rural-based small businesses. Article

> Dell CEO Michael Dell confirmed the company would be releasing smartphones next year in the United States based on Google's Android platform. Article

> During the third quarter of 2009, Nokia Siemens Networks reported third-quarter 2009 revenues of $4.1 billion, a 21 percent decrease from the same period in 2008. In addition, NSN reported an operating loss of $1.64 billion, compared with $1.49 billion in 2008. NSN's net sales for the quarter were $14.57 billion, down 20 percent from the third quarter of 2008. Article

And finally... Police said a man accused of stealing a woman's wallet was tracked down by his alleged victim after he made his getaway on a bus and later tried to fill out a job application. Article