Ofcom identifies potential 5G bands above 6 GHz

UK regulator Ofcom has identified a preliminary set of bands in different parts of the 6-100 GHz range that it believes offer the best potential use for 5G in the UK and harmonization of 5G mobile services globally.

The regulator outlined the bands in a summary of responses to its Call for Input (CFI) on potential 5G bands above 6 GHz, noting that it does not guarantee these bands will be adopted in the future. It also does not rule out the consideration of other options ahead of the World Radio Communication Conference in 2015 (WRC-15) in November.

"We will now take forward the bands we have identified in forthcoming international discussions, including the relevant European preparatory meetings for WRC-15 at which the scope of a future WRC-19 agenda item on bands above 6 GHz will be considered," Ofcom said.

Future 5G networks are expected to require the use of frequencies above and below 6 GHz, with bands above that level yet to be allocated for future use by mobile communications. In the United States, the FCC has initiated a proceeding that looks at using frequencies above 24 GHz. For more on what Ofcom is doing, check out this FierceWireless:Europe article.