Photo tour of CableLabs provides a look into cable's future

Step right up … and take a look at what CableLabs is doing at its digs in Louisville, Colo. This is where the organization conducts tests to help its customers better understand the Wi-Fi services they hope to provide to their customers. Such testing is becoming even more critical as cable providers move beyond offering residential Wi-Fi and into the public Wi-Fi space, which could put them more directly in competition with cellular providers.

CableLabs is a nonprofit research-and-development consortium "that is dedicated to creating innovative ideas that significantly impact our cable operator members' business," according to its website. Fierce Telecom Group Executive Editor Mike Dano recently toured CableLabs' newly refurbished headquarters and got a glimpse of some of the cool technology that eventually might make its way into cable providers' products. Check out the views in this special report.

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