Pulse~LINK, Analog Devices show UWB HDTV

UWB has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, what with the impasse in standard specifications and such. It is good, therefore, to see a positive note for a change. Pulse~LINK, developer of CWave UWB, and Analog Devices, developer of high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, are teaming up to show the first wireless transmission of real-time HD video. The two companies will show side-by-side comparison of MPEG and JPEG2000 across Pulse~LINK's UWB wireless link at the DisplaySearch HDTV event in Beverly Hills, California, later this month.

ADI's ADV202 is the only single-chip implementation of the JPEG2000 standard, and combining Pulse~LINK's CWave UWB technology with it will allow for real-time wireless HD applications. MPEG degrades the original-source HDTV content during compression, but ADI's JPEG2000 is scalable for both mathematical and visual video encoding without degradation.

For more on the new UWB HDTV:
- see this Unstrung report
- and the websites of Pulse~LINK | Analog Devices

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