PureLiFi ready to commercialize light-based communication products

LED-based visible light communication products will be commercialized during the first quarter of 2014 by Edinburgh, Scotland-based pureLiFi. The company, formerly known as pureVLC, made a beta release of its first product, the Li-1st, during 2013's third quarter and said it will "continue to design, develop and deliver Li-Fi components to the OEM market in 2014, with more Li-1st units being shipped to selected industry customers in Q1."

The company's product roadmap is geared toward speeding up sales and includes successive products that the company said will provide full networking capabilities while accelerating miniaturization. PureLiFi is spinout from the University of Edinburgh, which remains a partner and recently launched the Li-Fi research and development center. Harald Haas, who is behind the center and also serves as chief science officer of pureLiFi, which he cofounded, predicted that 2014 "will see even greater leaps forward in Li-Fi research and the Li-Fi industry." For more, see this pureLiFi release.