Qualcomm Atheros,Wilocity announce multi-gigabit wireless chipset

Qualcomm Atheros, Qualcomm's (NASDAQ:QCOM) new networking and connectivity subsidiary created after the company's acquisition of Atheros, and 60 GHz multi-gigabit wireless chipmaker Wilocity announced what they call the industry's first tri-band Wi-Fi chipset that integrates the multi-gigabit performance of in-room 60 GHz band with seamless handoff to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band Wi-Fi.

The new AR9004TB solution supports a wide range of applications, from I/O to video to networking, at the same speeds as equivalent wired connectivity technologies, while maintaining whole home coverage and complete interoperability, the companies said. New fast session transfer technology in the AR9004TB is designed to drive a seamless transition between multi-gigabit in-room performance to whole home and enterprise wireless coverage.

The 60 GHz technology found in AR9004TB is based on the latest specifications from the Wireless Gigabit Alliance and IEEE 802.11ad and will be Wi-Fi Alliance certified. The 60 GHz technology is seen as a direct line-of-sight technology for transmitting HD video in the home. The AR9004TB also supports the latest Bluetooth 4.0 specification, which includes both high-speed and low-energy operation to extend personal area connectivity to a variety of devices. It includes a new message-based coexistence interface that enables interference avoidance and cancellation for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence.

Atheros and Wilocity announced their collaboration on tri-band chips last year.

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