Qualcomm CEO: UMB not dead yet

Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs said that Verizon Wireless' intention to deploy LTE (Long Term Evolution) 4G technology was not the end of the road for his company's favored UMB (Ultra Mobile Broadband) technology.

"We will be able to roll out chipsets and infrastructure for UMB in the 2009 time frame," Jacobs told Fortune. "But for the most part, I think you won't see mainstream, major adoption of 4G technologies until a few more years. As with any of these technologies it takes a little while to get through the teething pains and really get it up into the large volumes."

When Fortune asked him directly whether he was "hopeful" about UMB's prospects, Jacobs said: "We're doing trials with other operators in other countries, so I think there's still an opportunity for it."

Indeed, if Japan's KDDI opts for UMB, there may be some hope for the technology.

For the entire interview:
- read this article from Fortune

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