Qualcomm enhances 1x for EV-DO data capacity

It's all the rage to to enhance existing mobile technology, including EDGE, so why not make CDMA 1x better? Qualcomm introduced last week several enhancements to the technology that will double voice capacity and make room for more EV-DO data channels.

Qualcomm has included reverse-link interference cancellation technology into it most recent release of CDMA base station chips that will help clear up enough capacity on the 1.25-megahertz channel to double call volume. Such a move is expected to have an impact on data capacity for EV-DO because operators can now reduce the number of channels dedicated to 1x and add EV-DO carriers to increase broadband data capacity. Right now CDMA operators have to make some difficult decisions around mobile broadband since adding another EV-DO carrier means sacrificing voice capacity.

The first chip set line incorporating the enhancements wont' begin interoperability testing and commercially shipping until 2010. From there they have to be incorporated into the manufacturer's base stations and then deployed in new networks.

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