Qualcomm SDK aims to boost LTE Multicast development

Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) unveiled a software-development toolkit (SDK) during its annual Uplinq developers conference that enables developers to take advantage of LTE Multicast technology. The SDK for LTE Multicast, also called LTE Broadcast, will provide developers with a common API that can be used in all regions around the world that are trialing, testing or deploying the technology.

LTE Multicast can enable operators to distribute live content in a more efficient manner than the standard unicast approach. However, the technology can also enable distribution of large software updates to users across an LTE network.

At the conference, Jay Parikh, Facebook's (NASDAQ: FB) vice president of engineering, said pushing out Facebook software updates to mobile devices more efficiently with LTE Multicast would be helpful, considering that the company upgrades its mobile app every couple of weeks. For more, see this FierceWireless article.