Range Networks, 2600hz claim open-source partnership enables common platform for cellular, VoIP

Range Networks' OpenBTS-based radio access networks (RANs) and 2600hz's Kazoo telecom services platform will be integrated to provide what the companies described as an all-software, all-IP wireless network architecture for mobile network operators and private network service providers.

Specifically, the products' integration will create a single switching architecture for cellular, wireline voice over IP (VoIP) and VoIP over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi). The combined solution is also designed to provide higher network resilience in a multi-node RAN deployment, thanks to built-in redundancy and intelligent management of distributed operations. All elements of the system run on low-cost, commoditized Linux servers.

The companies contend their joint offering will facilitate the entry of new market entrants, which can use the open-source solution at a significant cost advantage to traditional mobile networks.

"The combination of Kazoo and the OpenBTS network architecture represents a major leap forward in expanding the reach of new, non-traditional mobile networks," said Edward Kozel, Range Networks CEO.

Range Networks' cellular systems are based on OpenBTS, its open-source, software-defined radio implementation of the GSM radio access network that presents normal GSM handsets as virtual SIP endpoints to an IP-based core. The vendor earlier this year announced OpenBTS 4.0, which included WCDMA data capability and said it was developing LTE support, with the loose goal being to release that by year's end.

2600hz provides voice, video, fax and SMS technologies in both a cloud and dedicated installation environment. Customers include Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs), fiber-optic network providers, channel resellers and mobile network operators. The company also has opened its infrastructure via a set of open access APIs that encourages developers to create their own telecom applications.

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