Report: AT&T gearing up for iPhone MMS onslaught

Tomorrow is the big day for AT&T--when it will finally introduce multimedia messaging services (MMS) on the iPhone. Speculation is that AT&T is aggressively working to enhance its infrastructure to handle the expected traffic.

Citing sources familiar with AT&T's plans, notes that AT&T is gearing up for a 40-percent network traffic increase tomorrow as iPhone users send and receive photos and video content. AT&T is reportedly anxious after a Tuesday test outage sent the operator scrambling to boost is MMSC messaging servers. The source said AT&T is asking MMS aggregator partners to supply hourly updates on any messaging delays or snafus, adding that the operator is already witnessing "record traffic during peak hours of the night" among iPhone users selected for testing. states that AT&T will transmit a text message to notify users when MMS is available on their iPhone. "We are targeting early afternoon Eastern time," an AT&T spokesperson said.

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