Report: LightSquared collaborating with Qualcomm for satellite/terrestrial LTE chips

LightSquared, the Harbinger Capital-owned startup with plans to deploy a nationwide, wholesale LTE network using satellite and terrestrial spectrum, reportedly is collaborating with wireless chip giant Qualcomm to build dual-mode chips that would support the hybrid satellite/terrestrial network, according to an article in Forbes.

LightSquared recently told Forbes that it was working with a chip company on dual-mode silicon but declined to give the company's name. However, Clearwire's CTO John Saw seems to know, and told Forbes that LightSquared is working with Qualcomm.

"Qualcomm is making chipsets for LightSquared," Saw said in an interview. "LightSquared needs to build an ecosystem and get manufacturers excited about... the total market opportunity" it offers.

Qualcomm isn't commenting.

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- take a look at this Forbes article

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