Report: Service providers to deploy more than 4M public Wi-Fi hotspots in 2015

Service providers will deploy more than 4 million public hotspots and 20 million homespots in 2015, according to a new report by Mobile Experts.

The new report explains the fundamental reasons that carrier Wi-Fi deployments will exceed small cell deployments over the next five years and provides details on the use of Wi-Fi in a Hotspot 2.0 ecosystem.

"Even if we exclude homespot deployments, the number of Wi-Fi access points will reach the level of millions for cable operators and public venues during 2015, outstripping the capacity of new LTE base stations," said Joe Madden, principal analyst at Mobile Experts. "Several large mobile operators have made a gigantic blunder, by ignoring the opportunity to deploy Wi-Fi or utilize Hotspot 2.0--so cable operators and other service providers are jumping on the opportunity." Read more