Report: WiMAX equipment market to thrive through next decade

A new study from Visant Strategies indicates new specs for mobile WiMAX and global growth of fixed/portable WiMAX will be key factors in pushing the penetration of WiMAX and creating a significant equipment market through the next 10 years. The firm expects all WiMAX equipment revenues will reach more than $35 billion from 2010 to 2016 while mobile WiMAX subscribers will grow worldwide by nearly eight times in the same span.

"Most mobile carriers have committed to LTE for 4G, sometimes after HSPA plus, but WiMAX equipment makers will still enjoy a vigorous market" said Andy Fuertes of Visant Strategies. "Low cost PC initiatives, falling WiMAX costs and the global availability of the
3.5 GHz band for basic fixed broadband services presents a very large opportunity for WiMAX equipment vendors."

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