Reports: Google might buy Softcard; Anritsu debuts DAS training program

Wireless tech news from across the Web:

> New Snowden documents published by Der Spiegel give new insight into the British GCHQ's efforts to track targets through their iPhones. Article

> In the fight over net neutrality, House and Senate panels will hold hearings on Wednesday pitting the heads of the cable-television and wireless lobbies against Amazon and scrappy little Etsy. Article

> Rumor has it that Google might buy mobile payments company Softcard, the joint venture of Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile that was formerly known as ISIS. Article

> New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo formally announced his proposed $500 million broadband-expansion plan that will offer $500 million in public funds for Internet service providers willing to match the state dollar-for-dollar. Article

> Inmarsat's relationship with developers takes center stage at its first developer conference in London. Article

> Anritsu launched a distributed antenna system (DAS) certification training program for assembling, installing and testing a passive DAS. Release

> Researchers in Germany designed a tiny system embedded in a pair of shoes that effectively harvests the energy expended by the act of walking to power electronics. Article

> The Australian M2M market will display high growth rates over the next five years, peaking at over 30 percent revenue growth by 2016 and doubling its 2013 value, according to Frost & Sullivan. Release

> Siemens thought enough of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth student Amir Ehsani Zonouz's concept for "intelligent parking drone technology" to name it the winner of the company's first-ever Mobility IDEA contest. Article

And finally…  On SNL, Kevin Hart plays Darnell Pepper, the host of Why'd You Post That?, a show dedicated to Instagram photos so bad, gross or tasteless that no filter can help them. Article