Research shows 3UK Skype users spend more, churn less

3UK has been the great guinea pig when it comes to whether wireless operators can make money by offering free Skype-to-Skype calling on their networks. Now, after a year of offering the service, 3UK has seen a reduction in churn, a surge in subscribers and an increase in revenues among its Skype users, according to research from CCS Insight.

The findings indicated that nearly 80 percent of 3UK's Skype users were new to the operator, and mobile VoIP users tended to spend more on other 3G services. These users brought in revenues that were 20 percent higher than 3UK's non-Skype users. In addition, 3UK's churn rate for Skype users came in 14 percent lower than the churn rates of non-Skype customers.

"Our deal with 3UK has been extremely successful," said Skype's Enrico Noseda. "There is great satisfaction on both sides."

The results help challenge the commonly held view that Skype users are looking to save rather than spend, and could portend success for the recent blockbuster deal between Verizon Wireless and Skype.

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