Research: TeliaSonera's LTE network compares favorably with fixed broadband services

UK broadband test specialist Epitiro completed tests of TeliaSonera's commercial LTE network in Finland, finding that the network delivered peak download speeds of 48 Mbps with mean latency at 23 milliseconds, meaning the network can handle demanding services such as HD video and voice over IP.

Epitiro simultaneously tested TeliaSonera's legacy 3G network and found that LTE delivered mean download speeds nine times faster (3G=4.1Mbps). The network's latency was five times faster (3G=117ms). Epirito carried out the tests during a five-day period last month, collecting 20,000 LTE data points.

To understand the actual performance of the service as delivered to LTE subscribers, Epitiro used what is called "consumer experience" to test probes automatically connected to the Internet and mimicked typical consumer behavior, delivering around-the-clock testing of broadband performance and voice over LTE (VoLTE) call quality.

Epitiro also tested VoLTE, terminating a call originating in Finland over a Samsung USB device to a test probe on BT's 21CN network, according to a Mobile Europe report. In total, Epitiro, made 334 calls and voice quality was deemed "excellent" for the most part with the exception of a couple of calls where the quality was merely "good." Only a single call had voice quality (upstream) that would be deemed "poor."

"Based on our observations, this LTE rollout is directly comparable to high-speed fixed line services," said Epitiro's CTO Jon Curley. "Further, the low latency times measured indicate the Finnish LTE service is capable of handling the most demanding of web-based applications including VoIP, video streaming and even HD IPTV."

Epitiro noted that comparisons with 3G performance could be misleading, since the LTE network does not have as many users as legacy networks and therefore has not been tested under heavy traffic load. Epitiro said it will explore this phenomenon and look to conduct motion tests in vehicles.

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