RF signals tackle drone hazards

SkySafe is offering a way to avoid drone collisions with planes by using radio frequency signals to wirelessly bring drones to the ground when they're flying in areas they shouldn't be.

The company, which just announced a seed investment from Andreessen Horowitz, was launched by a group of former MIT researchers. Founder and CEO Grant Jordan, who worked with drones in the U.S. Air Force, says that SkySafe is meant to work with large clients, like companies that want to protect their office parks, airports or other places that have a no-fly zone.

"Our system consists of a series of nodes covering an area. They're scanning all the time for the specific signals that drones emit," Jordan explained in an interview with Re/code. "The system alerts the user when a drone is detected, and because we can uniquely identify the drones, we can basically whitelist certain drones, as well." Article

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