Ruckus shows home WLAN control system

These are heady days for Sunnyvale, CA-based Ruckus Wireless. Four examples: The company has released a home-WiFi management system which brings to the home many of the strengths of similar systems in the enterprise; the company has also raised $16 million from three investors, among them Motorola, long-rumored to be eyeing Ruckus as a possible acquisition target; and then, Ruckus has been selected by Belge and Czech service providers to distribute its MediaFlex in-home wireless system; this latest deals brings the number of service providers which partner with Ruckus to more than 50.

The company's MediaFlex NG WLAN management device is what more and more homes need. What with the increasing competition for WiFi bandwidth at the home by WiFi phones, mobile PCs, Bluetooth-equipped gear, MP3 players, gaming devices, there is a need to bring order into the chaos. Ruckus takes control of the bandwidth so IPTV subscribers may use the available wireless bandwidth to stream TV to multiple TV sets in the home. Service providers may use MediaFlex NG to prioritize WiFi traffic, perform inventory audits on wireless devices and obtain performance logs to determine which devices are using the available bandwidth, and the amount of interference on the WiFi connection.

The MediaFlex NG system comes with a five-port multimedia 802.11b/g router (for $159) and a one-port multimedia adapter (for $99). The $16 million round brings the total raised by the two-year-old company to $30 million.

For more on MediaFlex:
- see this press release

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