Russia's Yota launches LTE; Huawei demonstrates CDMA small-cell solution

> Russian mobile operator Yota (Scartel) has launched LTE network in Novosibirsk, Siberia. Yota currently has 63 base stations installed in Novosibirsk, by March 2012, their number will increase to 150. Huawei has supplied the equipment. Article

> Switzerland's mobile and fixed operator, Swisscom has entered into a five-year contract with Ericsson for mobile-network modernization and upgrade to LTE. Article

> Chipmaker Qualcomm said founder Irwin Jacobs will retire from the board at the 2012 annual stockholder meeting. Article

> Chinese vendor Huawei said it has demonstrated what it calls that world's first CDMA small-cell solution integrated with Wi-Fi in a bid to meet operator demand for high-traffic density and enhanced network coverage.  Article

And Finally... A Transportation Security Administration inspector found marijuana in the checked luggage of rapper Freddie Gibbs this week, but rather than confiscate it the screener left a mildly chiding note. Article

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