Samsung claims Wi-Fi speed breakthrough using 60 GHz WiGig standard

Samsung Electronics says it has developed a 60 GHz Wi-Fi technology capable of bridging the gap between theoretical and actual Wi-Fi speeds.

The conglomerate said it has developed Wi-Fi technology using the 60 GHz WiGig standard that can transmit data at 4.6 Gbps--around five times faster than existing peak 802.11ac Wi-Fi speeds of around 866 Mbps.

Unlike existing 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi technologies, Samsung says its 802.11ad technology maintains maximum speed by eliminating co-channel interference, no matter how many devices are accessing network. Thus, the technology removes the gap between theoretical and actual speeds, the company said.

In a statement, Samsung noted that there are challenges in commercializing 60 GHz Wi-Fi because millimeter waves that travel by line-of-sight have weak propagation characteristics and are susceptible to path loss, resulting in poor signal and data performance. However, Samsung said that by leveraging millimeter-wave circuit design and high performance modem technologies and by developing wide-coverage beam-forming antenna, it was able to produce high-performance, commercially viable 60 GHz technology. Article


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