San Francisco's muni-WiFi still on hold

San Francisco's plans for a muni-WiFi network from Earthlink and Google remains on hold as the city's board of supervisors, the group that must approve the contract with Earthlink and Google, has delayed some key votes. Mayor Gavin Newsom has been at odds with the board of supervisors over the $2 million contract with Earthlink and Google, but earlier this month, the board president said he studied the contract and decided it would benefit the city--with some significant changes to the contract.

One of the delayed votes in the board of supervisors was the San Francisco Neighborhood Antenna-Free Union's appeal of a city planning commission decision to exempt the network from an environmental review. The group claims placing WiFi access points on light poles could harm residents' health. Another delayed vote comes from the board's budget and finance committee, which needs to approve the contract before it can move ahead for final approval.

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