Sequans announces new LTE chips; UMass finishes massive 802.11n deployment

> LightSquared and parent Harbinger Capital won't provide documents to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) regarding their contacts with the FCC and the White House as they pertain to LightSquared's waiver to launch a wholesale LTE network in the L-band satellite spectrum. Article

­> Chipmaker Sequans Communications has introduced three new FDD and TDD LTE baseband chips, a companion RF chip, and two new LTE platforms, supporting all global FDD and TDD LTE networks. Article

> The University of Massachusetts at Amherst recently finished one of the biggest 802.11n deployments ever, providing wireless access to some 12,000 student dormitory residents. Article

­> The volume of cellular machine-to-machine subscriptions is expected to increase almost fourfold between 2010 and 2016, from 72 million to 282 million, providing operators with long-term growth potential. Article

And Finally... A Chicago woman arrested on a domestic battery charge allegedly hit her husband over the head and pelted him with cupcakes. Police arrived at the couple's home to find the husband with smudges of icing on his head and body. Article

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