Sierra Tri-Fi hotspot available via Sprint

Sprint is just starting to roll out 4G LTE coverage, but it is already looking to help mobile broadband customers have all the bases covered when they are looking to access any form of broadband wireless. The carrier has launched the Sierra Wireless Tri-Fi, a mobile broadband hotspot that allows users to access 3G, WiMAX or even its fledgling LTE coverage.

The launch had been anticipated for several weeks, and the Sierra Wireless product actually was announced back in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, with long-time Sierra customer Sprint as the most immediate network operator in mind for a tri-mode mobile broadband product.

The Tri-Fi can support up to eight different Wi-Fi-enabled devices at the same time, and it allows connection to signal-boosting docks that will be available separately from Sierra Wireless.

Sprint just rolled out Dallas as its first LTE network. The company said several months ago that as it moved to LTE it would stop supporting new WiMAX gadgets, but a multi-modal hotspot product should hit the sweet spot for customers of a carrier with different network types still in operation.

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