SK Telecom, Ericsson team up for 5G small cell demo

Super-low latency is expected to be one of the cornerstones of 5G, and SK Telecom and Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) are paving the way with a successful demonstration of small cell technology with super-low latency.

The two companies demonstrated new small cell technology that, according to SK Telecom, increases communications efficiency by 215 percent, The Korea Herald reports. This latest demo was done in Stockholm and is expected to pave the way for SK to root out possible problems due to network interference between base stations.

LTE small cells are used by a range of mobile operators to enhance mobile data service quality in heavily congested areas, but the biggest problem is the service quality degrades with the number of small cells due to inter-cell interference mainly caused by Cell-specific Reference Signals (CRS) collision, SK said in a press release.

To break away from the limitation of the LTE small cells, the two companies developed a new 5G radio frame architecture and interference control technology fundamentally different from that of the LTE network. Article