SK Telecom 'reluctantly' expanding WiBro in Korea

Reports coming out of South Korea indicate SK Telecom is reluctantly expanding its WiBro service because of pressure coming from the government. The service has attracted less than 1,000 users so far. The operator is now trying to figure out a long-term business plan for the business and will increase the number of "Hot Zones" from 56 in 23 cities that include Seoul and the metro district to more than 100 in 42 cities by next year. The operator also plans to upgrade the network to Wave 2, which should double speed and capacity. In a market that has HSDPA services from SK Telecom and EV-DO Rev, a services from LGT and other operators, selling WiBro has to be a significant challenge. It doesn't appear that SK Telecom nor competitor Korea Telecom have marketed the technology very aggressively.

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