SK Telecom unveils integrated Wi-Fi/LTE femtocell

As SK Telecom continues to build out its LTE network capability, the Korean carrier already is laying out the next step, having announced the development of a femtocell with both Wi-Fi and LTE that will help it to further extend indoor coverage and improve network availability in dense markets.

The company's Wi-Fi Integrated LTE Femtocell is an LTE femtocell integrated with a Wi-Fi access point, and including a power-over-Ethernet capability. The move comes as deployment of 3G femtocells and other types of small cells has begun to ramp up around the world.

SK Telecom recently indicated that it had crossed the 500,000 customer threshold for LTE just four months after launching the new network capability, and adoption pace that has been far faster than subscriber adoption of 3G was. The carrier plans to build LTE networks in 84 cities in South Korea by April, with coverage extension via the integrated femtocells being the next phase in its strategy.

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