Spectrum Bridge, GE Energy launch industrial data networking solution

Spectrum Bridge, which offers a spectrum clearinghouse that enables entities to search and purchase wireless spectrum, announced a relationship with GE Energy to offer a new industrial data networking solution for mission-critical applications.

The two companies have launched a new wireless network solution using the licensed 218-219 MHz band, known as the Interactive Video & Data Service (IVDS) spectrum band. The spectrum was auctioned in 1994 and initially used for point-to-multipoint short-distance communication.

GE is offering the MDS SD2 industrial wireless radio. The IVDS band can support multiple applications such as smart grid, automated metering infrastructure backhaul, distribution automation SCAD, water/wastewater control and remote monitoring.

"Spectrum Bridge and GE Energy continue to see increased demand for spectrum in the IVDS band for a wide range of industrial monitoring and control applications. The users of these applications have been struggling to fulfill their growing spectrum requirements and having the option to utilize 218-219 MHz spectrum provides an ideal solution," Spectrum Bridge said in a press release.

Spectrum Bridge said multiple 218-219 MHz licenses are available for immediate purchase or lease on SpecEx.com and cover 20 percent of the nation's population in six of the top 10 NFL markets, including Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Miami.

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