SPOTLIGHT: ABI: WiMAX's head start no guarantee for success

ABI Research warns that even though mobile WiMAX has a time-to-market advantage over LTE (Long Term Evolution), delays in certifications by the WiMAX Forum coupled with rollout delays could narrow the window of opportunity. The firm says those mobile WiMAX operators with the right spectrum, available capital and access to enough sites to construct base stations are in the best position to take advantage of mobile WiMAX's head start.

"The biggest opportunity for mobile WiMAX is the chance to develop a wider device ecosystem and worldwide subscriber base before LTE starts to do the same," said ABI Research principal analyst Philip Solis. "However, LTE remains a potential threat to WiMAX since 3GPP-backed LTE will become the dominant 4G technology and is progressing quickly toward standardization. Additionally, LTE is seeing early trials take place while moving into TDD (as well as FDD) spectrum territory." Article