SPOTLIGHT: Aruba challenges Cisco

Now, here is challenge to Cisco: Aruba Networks is coming out with a competitively priced WLAN switch for small businesses. It also adds a high-end management appliance for companies with large WLANs to its Mobile Edge line of products. The Aruba 200 Mobility Controller, which will ship next month, is smaller than a notebook PC, includes Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet ports, and supports up to six APs and 100 users. It is very reasonably priced at $1,750 (compared to $4,995 for the higher-end Aruba 800 controller, which supports 16 APs and hundreds of simultaneous users). The controller includes QoS features which can prioritize voice traffic to support the delivery of VoWLAN. Aruba is also showing off its Mobility Management System, an appliance aiming to provide a centralized management system for companies with large networks consisting of hundreds or even thousands of APs. The appliance is powered by an Intel Xeon processor and uses RAID storage. It will also ship in February and is priced beginning at $21,995 (or $3,995 for just the Linux-based management software). Company's press release

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