Forget that "City of Light" moniker: Paris wants to be known as the city of WiFi--more specifically, it hopes to be known as the best-connected capital in the world. Bertrand Delanoe, the city's mayor, said the city will strategically place more than 400 access points around the city to offer free access to the Internet. The city will also offer tax breaks to companies laying cable in city neighborhoods as part of the mayor's plan to have at least 80 percent of the city's buildings with broadband connection by 2010. Report

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The C-Band Alliance wasn't invited to the party, but it sure was the target of consternation at a Senate subcommittee hearing Thursday.

The company said its IoT business is growing almost twice as fast as the estimated market growth of 20-25% per year.

Wyebot has raised $2.5 million through Series-Seed funding, and announced general availability of its sensor-based Wi-Fi assurance platform.