SPOTLIGHT: Fear of flying

Here is a topic that wouldn't go away: Wireless scams. This one involves airport hotspots. Computerworld two weeks ago reported that next time you have a couple of hours lay-over in an airport, beware of wireless hotspots offering "Free WiFi." Some of these hotspot will expose you to a "man in the middle" attack, in which a hacker can steal the information you send over the Internet, including usernames and passwords. The hacker may also be able to steal your files and identity and turn your laptop into a spam-spewing robot. The attack could even leave your laptop open to hackers every time you turn it on by allowing anyone to connect to it without your knowledge. And now this: If you are a Windows Vista user, you are especially susceptible to this attack because of the difficulty in identifying it when using Vista. Preston Gralla's article also contains useful advice on how not to fall victim to this particular scam.