Sprint is done with WiMAX gadgets

As Sprint announced is first three LTE user devices last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company also confirmed that it will not release any more WiMAX devices. Among its new LTE devices, all slated for release later this year, is a multi-mode WiMAX/LTE personal hotspot from Sierra Wireless

Though Sprint appears content to live in a multi-modal universe of WiMAX and LTE for now, it is clear the carrier is moving to LTE in the long run and is ready to leave WiMAX devices in the dust. David Owens, vice president of product realization at Sprint, confirmed that stance, and also hinted that Sprint could become more aggressive with its LTE rollout later this year.

That does not necessarily mean Sprint will be turning off its WiMAX network any sooner than the 2015 target date it has previously committed to, but end users tend to lose interest pretty quickly in technologies that are not supported by a steady flow of new, innovative devices. Although, if you are still using your 2011 model WiMAX device on the Sprint WiMAX network as 2015 nears, you are bound to have increasingly good network availability as everyone else heads for the off ramp.

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