Sprint reveals WiMAX partners

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week, Sprint announced that it was still pushing ahead with its Xohm-branded WiMAX network and that it was working with Amdocs, OQO, ASUS, McAfee and other new partners to launch the service this year. Here's a quick run down of Sprint's latest partners and their role in the Xohm launch:

  • Amdocs inked a multi-year agreement with the carrier that includes building and maintaining the Xohm Internet portal, customer relationship management, service activation and provisioning and billing.
  • SwapDrive is providing Sprint with a hosted storage solution where Xohm subscribers can secure, organize, manage and access all their user-generated digital content.
  • eTelecare Global Solutions is working with Sprint to provide voice and e-support customer care services. 
  • McAfee is set to implement online security products for PCs used on the Xohm WiMAX network.
  • OQO has pledged to embed WiMAX wireless capability in an ultra mobile PC (UMPC) so it can run on Sprint's network this year.
  • ASUSTek also plans to create a line of WiMAX-embedded devices, which should hit the market this year.
  • Zyxel and chip supplier Sequans have announced a collaboration to produce a WiMAX modem subscriber device.
  • Finally, Soho Square, a WPP company, has been named the advertising agency of record to help launch the Xohm brand in North America.

For more on Sprint's Xohm launch:
- read this press release

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