Sprint's interim CEO: We've lost focus

Sprint Nextel interim CEO Paul Saleh admitted that the company has lost focus but isn't about to scale back its WiMAX plans--at least as it relates to rolling out Baltimore/Washington D.C. and Chicago by year-end. Saleh told The Washington Post that the company will be working on simplifying the business as well as improving customer service. Earlier this month Gary Forsee stepped down as chairman and CEO of the company amid investor dissatisfaction over the company's high churn rate, its poor integration with Nextel and its $5-billion WiMAX plans.

Said Saleh: "There are a lot of questions about WiMAX obviously fueled by our competitors who would love to see us distracted. But I would say it is a cornerstone to our future. I think there's a renewed sense that if we get some of the basics right, focus on the customer, we really can get back to our rightful position as a leader in the industry."

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