Sprint's Phone Connect 3 cuts the landline cord but keeps the phones

Sprint (NYSE: S) is providing transitional technology to people who want to cut the cord and use their mobile phone number as their only personal number but still like the convenience of having a call ring in on their landline phones.

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Sprint's Phone Connect 3 terminal

The company's Sprint Phone Connect 3 fixed wireless voice terminal, a third-generation offering from the carrier, uses Bluetooth to connect up to two mobile phones and allow inbound cell phone calls to ring on a customer's home or office phone handset simultaneously along with the cell phone. This spares the user from having to search for their mobile phone when a call comes in because the call can be answered on a landline phone, which is often attached to the wall, sitting on a desk or located somewhere else that is easily accessible.

Sprint said the Phone Connect 3 is compatible with most conventional corded and cordless phones but not IP-based or PBX office phone systems. Sprint made the device available on Sept. 19 for $150. Easy Pay customers can spread the cost over 24 payments of $6.25 per month and will also receive a $150 service credit.

Buyers can bundle the device with a Sprint Phone Connect rate plan to get unlimited local and long-distance calls for $20 per month, but Sprint confirmed to GigaOm that customers can use the Phone Connect 3 without signing up for the $20 monthly service plan. GigaOm also noted that companies such as V-Tech and Panasonic already make lower-cost versions of similar voice routers.

However, the fact that Sprint is marketing its device directly to customers gives it leverage in convincing customers to finally cut the cord on landline service and use its mobile service even if they choose to keep talking on their landline handsets.

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